Future Horizon’s Environmental Division specializes in mechanical removal of aquatic vegetation and organic material from ponds, lake fronts, and canal systems. Future Horizons, Inc. has two Inland Lake Harvesters capable of operating in less that a foot of water for shallow applications. Our Amphibious Excavator has proven itself in areas once thought inaccessible by any other equipment. Tree and brush removal, mowing, and organic muck excavation can now be achieved in very soft areas where no other equipment can access. Our shore based equipment makes easy work of loading and hauling removed debris from job sites with hydraulic conveyor systems and dump trailers.

Our Mechanical Harvesters

Another Day on the Job

Wetland Access Corridor


Mechanical Harvesting


Amphibious Excavator and Boom Mower

Amphibious Excavator and Boom Mower

Amphibious Excavator/ Bucket Thumb Attachment

Amphibious Excavator Mowing - Start

Start of excavating

Amphibious Excavator Mowing Nearly Complete

Harvesting Job April-May 2020

Mechanical Vegetation Harvesting

Mechanical Vegetation Harvesting and Removal

Mechanical Harvesting - Close Up